Our Other Sweetes.
please allow 24 to 48 hours on any speical order

Sheet Cake
We place the cupcakes side by side and decorate them flatly like a sheet cake.

Cake Pops: 
Cake pops are dipped into melted chocolate and  decorated with colored sprinkles. If you'd like you can ask for them plain or even have them decorated speical.

Cookie Sandwhiches:
2 large cookies, with icing inbetween
No Bake (Preacher) Cookies:
No bake cookies made with chocolate, peanutbutter and oatmeal.

Peanutbutter balls:
Peanutbutter and sugar rolled and dipped into melted chocolate.



We also can take your favroite flavors and dye the icing or add extra garnishes

Call us today about special ordering your favroite treat!